Thursday, November 6, 2014

Month of Long Books Announcement

Hey, guys. 

So, as the holidays are coming up, and I have some longer books I'd like to read (Robert Jackson Bennett's American Elsewhere being one), and some books I'd like to read that don't fit the format (Everybody Loves Our Town by Mark Yarm, among others), I'm having another Month of Long Books, where I can get back into the swing of reading things without having to worry about if it fits or if I need to spend enough time on it. 

So: See you guys in December with an armload of new reviews! I did this last year, and it really helped, so I figured I'd do it again.

Have a good Thanksgiving



  1. Hope you enjoy Everybody Loves Our Town. Thanks in advance for reading it!

    1. Oh, Mark, I loved it. I dig oral rock histories as a rule, I haven't found one that isn't entertaining, but yours definitely kicked it well over the top. I can't review it here, but I can say I loved it.