Friday, May 2, 2014

Health Issues

            Hi, guys. Here at Strange Library I suppose the few of you who still read me are used to my erratic schedule, which has thankfully grown less erratic in recent months. But the upcoming review, which was supposed to be Gravity's Rainbow, is now going to be Michael Marshall Smith's Spares. It also may be late. These changes come because for the last four days, I've fought a nasty sinus infection with a fever. Said fever thankfully broke last night (5/1), but as I had no desire to try and tackle Gravity's Rainbow, the Mount Everest of opaque books, the third-biggest fuck you to people with eyes since James Joyce wrote Ulysses, while on meds and sick and loopy and doing my usual post-con "Holy crap I didn't freak anyone out" detox (Oh, yeah, that article's coming soon, too), a switch in schedule and slight bump to the existing schedule was necessary. So hopefully a few days from now you guys will have the forthcoming review of Spares, as well as my impressions on ZenKaiKon 2014 to look forward to. 

Much love and sorry for the delays


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