Friday, September 28, 2012

Announcement: Health Delay

Hi guys. Caius here. I'm taking a little break recently as I caught some kind of nasty head cold/almost flu sort of thing* and am spending a lot of time either sleeping or in a haze of NyQuil and tea**. Angelmaker will go up, as scheduled, but with a slight delay, as I need to spend more time resting and less time reading about clockwork bees and ninety year old lesbian superspies***. So, hope this finds you well, and see you Sunday!


*I apparently caught it from the internet. Nasty bug going around that my friends caught, and suddenly I wake up one morning with my head packed full of cotton, and crap in my throat and nose.
**And anyone who's tried to read while over-medicated or asleep can tell you, it's beyond even superhuman capabilities to pay attention to what you read. Especially the asleep bit
***Well, at least Nick Harkaway's trying to return to form...

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