Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Original Work: Now Somewhere Else!

                   So I've decided to do something kind of interesting. I'm going to be blogging my project The Becksdale Archaeology over here.

The project is a sort of "fake true ghost stories/local legends" collection...think something like this, only I've made all the stories up, and they take place in the small town of Becksdale, NJ.

Why NJ? Because it's such a supernatural focal point it's hard not to set a book there. Also, most people write what they know, and I do know the small town of Metuchen NJ. As well as having taken many eerie-looking photographs of Metuchen, NJ At least in its fictional version based on real landmarks and photos I've taken. It's experimental, and as part of it, I have to write most of it as "nonfiction", to help keep the "immersion" when this is actually gonna be published. So here's the copy:

The small town of Becksdale, NJ has more than a few local secrets. People feel like they're being watched in the woods behind the town. The town's bike path, labelled the "Greenway", has been left mostly abandoned and overgrown for unexplained reasons. A man appears and vanishes every night at the local veteran's grove, placing a wreath under a specific tree. Join the Becksdale Historical Society and paranormal enthusiast Sam Reader* as they explore the local legends and unusual historical treasures of our small town, in a book that is sure to chill and delight**.

And of course there will be ongoing threads and whatnot. I just figure if I write it for my audience (all two of you), I'll keep going at it, and with the schedule, it'll get easier. In essence, treat it like a blog, and I'll act like it's a responsibility.

So. Hope you enjoy, and I'm proud to announce I may be getting off my ass. Watch this space and that space.

*Just to break fourth wall here. Since it's probably going to be my name on the damn thing, I might as well use my name as the main character
** Since we're spoofing the genre, why not spoof the ad copy, too?

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  1. Don't forget the creepy fountain in Roosevelt Park that honors the 7 riders of the apocalypse!