Thursday, October 14, 2010

A change to the program

Three things will be occurring in the next month. These are things that I feel should be done, mainly because it's a way for me to keep all the cool things I want to put up here and still run this blog on a weekly schedule (something highly important to me).

1) First, tomorrow's review will be Dinner at Deviant's Palace, in order to keep things rolling. I know it wasn't scheduled, but it's been begging me for the last few days for a write-up, and it bloody well deserves one. Also:

2)  The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox is seven or eight hundred pages and spans three books. While I am going to review it, I'm gonna break it up into three weeks, one per book, in my first-ever serial review to make it easier on myself and keep the content my constant readers have come to expect. It's looking to be a pretty good, pretty big review, too. This blog is still in its first awkward steps, and I appreciate those willing to stick around through them while we figure this out.

3) Still thinking of what to do for Halloween. Given I seem to have worked into a "weird/quirky fiction" sort of niche, it would be very out of sorts if I completely let it pass and escape my notice. Any ideas or thoughts would be welcome, and in any case, I think it'll be fun.

So...yeah. There we go. See you all tomorrow for the review.

--  Caius

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